Dahlia ‘Meadowburn Byba Vincenza’

Dahlia ‘Meadowburn Byba Vincenza’


A most unique show dahlia, featuring bobbing  blooms on slender stems, in hues of magenta with streaks of vermilion down the center of petals. Foliage is dark green and highly serrated.   Named for Vincenza “Byba” Coster, who owned the gardens with her husband from 1930-1975.

Type: old fashioned show

Bloom size: 4″

Plant Height: 5′

Bloom time: July – October

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Dahlia ‘Meadowburn Byba Vincenza’ is unlike any other dahlia we have in our garden. Stunning magenta blooms are streaked with vermillion down the center of petals. Slender stems cause the blooms to bob,  displaying the honeycomb pattern of its florets beautifully.  The foliage is a deep emerald green, and highly serrated. The leggy, arching nature and bobbing blooms of this variety is not what one usually thinks of in a dahlia. But once the irregularity of its habit is accepted, one cannot help but  praise its exotic elegance and stunning depth in color.

This variety was named for Vincenza “Byba” Coster, who owned the gardens with her husband from 1930-1975.

Our heirloom dahlia collection consists of seven dahlia varieties that have been growing in the gardens at Meadowburn Farm since Ely’s era. For over 100 years, these same dahlias have been planted, dug, stored, and divided in the same way by the Meadowburn gardeners. Read more about the history of Meadowburn’s heirloom dahlias.

Dahlias are tuberous rooted perennials native to Mexico and Central America, and can be grown as perennials in zones 8 and above. In zones 7 and below, dahlia tubers must be dug and stored for the winter. Dahlias perform best in a location with full sun and good drainage. Review our dahlia care guide for more tips on growing dahlias in your garden.