The Farm


Meadowburn Farm is a grass-based dairy with plenty of grassy meadows and high pastures for grazing. The farm’s dairy animals have free access to pasture as well as to hay (which is of course naturally sun-dried grass). A whole grains supplement is added to the animals’ diets for proper, balanced nutrition and to help keep the animals healthy and productive.

Meadowburn Farm is committed to being a good steward of the land and of its animals. The pastures are never stressed by over-grazing. Our Jerseys are handled with care and love. They are well-fed, have plenty of clean bedding to keep comfortable, and always have access to clean cool water.

The Meadowburn Farm creamery uses milk from a prime breed of dairy cow known as the Jersey. Jersey cows are originally from the English Channel Island of Jersey. Their distinctive color is some shade of brown or fawn usually with black hair in the tails and black feet. They can have white spots or markings and also sometimes can be very dark nearly black in appearance. Jerseys are great grass-grazing animals and are very efficient producers of rich, creamy and nutritious milk, high in butterfat and protein. Jersey cows are small compared to most breeds of cows. They are very friendly and inquisitive by nature.

Photographs by Joshua Scott Photography

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